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"I have two passions: serving God and empowering people!"

MaryAlice Isleib is a speaker, catalyst, humanitarian, and leader-extraordinaire.


Experience, enthusiasm, a compelling “how to” teaching style, and an ability to “activate” people to new levels in life are her greatest strengths. Her talks provide practical tools, instruction, and motivation that empower groups and individuals to confident action.

She is celebrated in 60 countries from North America to Scandinavia, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, and Africa, for her attention to prayer, missions, leadership, strengthening men and woman, and her inspiring confidence and compassion. 


MaryAlice’s seasoned maturity and reputation for results in her 32 years of experience make her a credible leader.  She is the executive director of Florida based, COI (Christian Outreach International - a global mission organization, specializing in short-term mission and humanitarian projects), a certified Crisis/Trauma Response Counselor, Personal Development/ Leadership Coach, and the author of best-selling books: Effective Fervent Prayer and Healing Toxic Emotions.


With a devotion to world missions, as Director of COI, she has mobilized thousands of believers and churches into action-- through local and worldwide outreach. In the last ten years, MaryAlice and her COI team have provided over 5,000 people with a life-giving, effective, short term mission/humanitarianism experience, bringing hope and healing to the nations. COI also trains new field missionaries, supports our respected COI full-time missionaries and staff, and sustains on-going, year-round mission and humanitarian work.


Ready to be challenged and inspired to action, engage in a meaningful prayer life, be equipped for successful leadership,  undertake a fulfilling mission trip or humanarian project, or experience the thrill of wholeness in spirit and soul? Meet MaryAlice! Her practicality, passion and authenticity are infectious as she equips people worldwide to fulfill their God given destiny.  

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