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Prayer Academy

Breakthrough PRayer academy

Breakthrough Prayer Academy (formerly known as Prayer School with MaryAlice) is Apostle MaryAlice
Isleib’s signature, in-person course on different types of prayer in the Bible, based on her best-selling
book, “Effective Fervent Prayer”.

She is known in churches and conferences worldwide for her practical teaching, fervent spirit, how-to
application, and prayer answer results. She demonstrates the prayers she is teaching and is sure the
attendees pray with her. She also always prays personally for each attend
ee. A Spirit of Prayer will be deposited in all!
This course is specifically designed as an “ALL CHURCH, all ages” event, not just a happening for
intercessors or prayer people. Everyone is encouraged to take part. MaryAlice will work hands-on with
you, building and developing the prayer expression of the house/ministry.

Your Breakthrough Prayer Academy will be specially designed as one service, a weekend series, or a
series of weekends throughout the year, and can be held on-line or live. Subject matter will be discussed
and tailored to your group’s need, experience, and goals. Extra sessions can be added for prayer teams,
and/or intercessors.

MaryAlice has a track record in nation after nation, church after church, group after group of laying a
foundation of “all manner of fervent prayer”. Inquire today about hosting a life changing Breakthrough
Prayer Academy!

The live on-line, version of Breakthrough Prayer Academy for individuals is coming in 2024!

"What ARe THey saying"

“Wow! What an incredible weekend with MaryAlice, as we wrapped up our third session of this year’s
Breakthrough Prayer Academy. We are so grateful for the revelatory teaching, impartation of the Spirit
of Prayer, and many miraculous testimonies. Truly life is changing for our community! MA, we love and
appreciate your heart and ministry, and we are grateful for your partnership with Life City! Words
cannot adequately express our gratitude for the investment you are making in our congregation. Thank you!”

Psts. Matt and Bryn Rice, Life City Church, Columbus, OH

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