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With Dr. MaryAlice Isleib




Dr. MaryAlice Isleib, an ordained minister of 40 years, is recognized as mature, seasoned and dynamic internationally known speaker, Bible School professor, pastor, missionary to 80 plus countries, leader and bestselling author. Apostle MaryAlice also holds her Doctor of Divinity from Restoration College International.

As the director of Orlando based Christian Outreach International, she is an expert in successful short- term mission and outreach projects as she and her team have mobilized 25,000 individuals in various international and domestic mission experiences.

She is the founder of Breakthrough Prayer Academy which she conducts in churches worldwide, and on-line. She is a certified Crisis/ Trauma Counselor. Currently she has a Doctorate of Divinity, and is completing her PHD in Advanced Leadership, as she mentors leaders world-wide, especially women in business and ministry leadership.

  • Motivational/Inspirational

  • Prayer 

  • Happy and Fruitful as Unmarried 

  • Healing Toxic Emotions

  • Personal Growth and Development 

  • Missions 

  • Leadership

  • The Confidence Factor for Women, other topics for women


Latest Updates

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Breakthrough Prayer

Breakthrough Prayer Academy (formerly known as Prayer School with MaryAlice) is Apostle MaryAlice
Isleib’s signature, in-person course on different types of prayer in the Bible, based on her best-selling
book, “Effective Fervent Prayer”.

Your Breakthrough Prayer Academy will be specially designed as one service, a weekend series, or a
series of weekends throughout the year, and can be held on-line or live. Subject matter will be discussed and tailored to your group’s need, experience, and goals. Extra sessions can be added for prayer teams, and/or intercessors.



“Seasoned”—that is the word that describes MaryAlice Isleib. Today’s church desperately needs leaders of her stature whom you can feel secure with knowing that she will present “sound doctrine, godly character and anointed ministry.” She has consistently produced results for us as a Seminar Presenter, Woman's Conference Speaker and Sunday morning guest in our church. She is considered by many to be one of the “Leading Ladies” in ministry today.


Drs. John and Rebecca Polis
Founders, Faith Church International
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