Russia's recent invasion and declaration of war on Ukraine has caused 1000's of Ukrainians to have to flee their cities and homes for safer places to stay while the fate of their nation is at hand. 


Many of the refugees have fled to bordering nations, or to Western Ukraine where they will most likely be safer, and be able to get help. The unexpected consequence of events has created a humanitarian crisis of War Refugees. 


A bit of history...Christian Outreach International, the mission organization that I lead, has been serving the people of Ukraine since the 1990's with missionaries, mission teams, English Schools, and humanitarian aid. Our most recent base was in the western border city of Uzhgorod.  Our base directors have returned to live in the States, but we maintain contact with former COI missionaries still there, other missionaries that we know and have worked with and churches in the city.


I have personally been to the Ukraine several times and ministered in Kiev, Donetsk and served in Uzhgorod, visiting our missionaries. I have also been a Bible School teacher to many Ukrainian pastors in Uppsala, Sweden, and the Baltic States. Most all the students were also in my 8 month Prayer School as well. I have also ministered in several places in Russia, as well, and I know those churches and schools are praying fervently.


1. In light of the recent crisis, and all the refugees flooding again to Uzhgorod, COI is partnering with the missionaries and people we know and trust there to provide financial help with the urgent needs of housing, feeding and caring for those seeking refuge. The needs are dire right now, so our assistance is vital. 


2. I have also established a secure contact with a pastor and church who have chosen to stay in Kiev to witness and pray during the crisis. I hope to send some support to him as well. They are living in bomb shelters, but are of good heart and witnessing and praying everywhere they can in the city. I am communicating with him regularly. 

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3. I have also established a secure connection with one of my Bible School Students from Estonia, but now in Jerusalem as the Executive Director of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast. Many refugees are going there as well, and we will be supporting them.


We are only able to receive financial donations at this time, not physical or perishable goods.


Thank you for your heart to bless and help the Ukrainian people. Your support and prayers matter! Your gift allows me to deliver comprehensive help to people affected by humanitarian crises and will be used where and when most needed. All gifts to MaryAlice Ministries are tax deductible and secure. 


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