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MaryAlice Isleib is an internationally known speaker, Bible teacher, missionary, humanitarian and best-selling author. She is Executive Director of the Florida based, Christian Outreach International. COI is a global mission organization specializing in short-term mission and benevolence projects focusing on meeting needs, evangelism and alleviating social injustice.


MaryAlice travels world-wide by invitation as a keynote and seminar speaker at Church, Conference, Women's, Mission, Singles and Business events.


Various speaking topics available in single         sessions, seminars, conferences, special           meetings as needed:


  .  Motivational/Inspirational


  • Prayer (personal, corporate, all kinds of prayer, devotional, intercession, etc. ) 


  • Happy and Fruitful as Unmarried (single life)


  • Healing Toxic Emotions (Breaking the Power of Shame, other topics on emotional health)   

   .  Personal Growth and Development (variety         of topics here)


  • Missions (variety of possibilites here, counsulting on Development of Church Mission Teams and Mission Programs)


  • Leadership (Qualities of a Leader, Becoming a Successful Woman Leader in any Field, other topics on leadership, Personal develpoment coaching for woman leaders)


  • The Confidence Factor for Women, other topics for women


                 (see ABOUT link for more on MaryAlice)

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