Hurricane Florence Outreach -- Let's Help!

Christian Outreach International (the short term missions organization I lead) and COI teams have served in disaster response all over the country since 2005, including four years in New Orleans, and in the Peru Earthquake. I’ve served in each one of them, too. 


Today, I was personally in contact with the Hurricane Florence disaster zone in North Carolina. Thousands have lost their homes and belongings, not due to the rain itself, but due to the rivers that have overflown. 


It’s sad---an entire small community lost their home to the flood, and were all staying together on a soccer field while they waited to go see what was left of their waterlogged homes.


I want to help as much as I can, as do our COI teams and donors. My staff is currently assessing hosting teams to assist with the clean-up and clean-out in the rural, smaller areas. 


My friend shared that they are very tired, traumatized and still need lots of help. As soon as we locate adequate housing we will be announcing our plan for teams that wish to join us in the relief efforts. 


Our country has had so many disasters in the last few years, it’s easy to get numb to it all. Yet once again, our fellow believers and fellow Americans can use our help. It’s what you are so good at..serving and that’s what we’re going to do. 


I’ll be sure your gifts get to the right project and people. And, if you want to bring a team or be part of a team, stay tuned. 


I appreciate your heart to serve,


MaryAlice Isleib

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